Solar Energy

Our Solar Maintenance Offerings

Solar panels generally require little maintenance. They’re extremely durable and typically should last for many years. However, any issues with solar panel performance are usually related to electricity production, which is why we recommend monitoring your system’s production. By paying attention to changes in production, you can identify and address issues proactively. Therefore our solar operations and maintenance services are set up as follows:

  • Preventative Maintenance– On-site inspections and repairs for revenue performing and other mission critical systems.
  • Service and Repairs- Individually contracted services. This includes: solar panel cleaning for residential and commercial systems, diagnostics, repairs, energy analytics, commissioning/re-commissioning, asset acceptance, etc.

Solar Service Plans from EJPI Ales Podaný

  1. Solar Protection Plan – Solar protection plans offer a layer of security beyond solar warranties, addressing performance of the system that can degrade due to normal wear and tear, thereby costing you lost production and lost revenue.
  2. Operations and Maintenance Plan– HelioPower’s O&M plan includes everything in the Solar Protection Plan plus one cleaning and one inspection.
    • Residential Maintenance Plan
    • Commercial Maintenance Plan
  3. Solar Production Guarantee– Includes everything in the Operations and Maintenance Plan plus an output production guarantee.
    • Residential Production Guarantee
    • Commercial Production Guarantee
  4. Solar Asset Management Plans- Solar monitoring, reporting, plus financial and administrative support (usually annuity-based with annual opt-in/opt-out) for commercial enterprises.  Solar Asset Management is usually provided in conjunction with an O&M plan for on-site maintenance.

All plans may be customized for specific situations.

Other Solar Maintenance Services from EJPI Ales Podaný

  • Solar R&R– Solar Remove and Replace. When HelioPower uninstalls the solar panels, racking and roof attachments to make your roof ready for any planned home improvements. HelioPower then replaces the equipment when your roof is ready.
  • Solar Panel Removal– Homeowners who are replacing their old roof (or another home improvement) may need to have their solar system removed.