Micro Wind Turbine – A Great Renewable Energy Solution

For years demand for renewable energy solutions has been on the rise. Wind farms have been set up across the UK, both on land and off shore. At the same time solar energy has taken centre stage with thousands of homes across the UK incorporating solar energy into their house designs in order to reduce their carbon footprint and energy bills.

One of the renewable energy sources that isn’t as popular in homes across the UK is the micro wind turbine. These wind turbines catch the wind and then convert the wind to electricity, often storing the electricity in a battery for when it is needed.

A micro wind turbine can be astandalone unit also called a freestanding turbine or a roof mounted turbine. With over forty percent of the wind in Europe coming through Britain, it is a surprise that these turbines are not being incorporated into homes as much as they should be.

The reason homes choose renewable energy is to reduce their carbon footprint, reduce their energy costs and do their bit for the environment. This can all be achieved through the wind turbines available.

With the governments “feed in tariff” scheme, homes which benefit from renewable energy are paid by the electricity companies for using their own power, they are also paid money if they transport some of their energy into the grid, which is then used to power other properties in the area.

So what are the choices when looking for a renewable energy solution for your home? The most popular is solar energy. Solar energy uses energy produced by the sun and converts that into electricity which is then used in the home.

While solar energy remains a top choice with homeowners throughout the UK, the UK doesn’t benefit from much sunshine each year. The solar panels are positioned in a way to maximise sun exposure and they do capture some of the energy even when it’s overcast.

With this in mind, it’s becoming apparent that wind energy is a great solution. Most of the time there is a breeze blowing across the UK. In fact forty percent of the wind in Europe passes over the UK, that means the micro wind turbine will benefit from energy throughout the year, even when it’s snowing and sleeting.

These turbines are very easy to understand. The turbine consists of blades which when caught in the wind start to spin, that spinning motion creates friction which is converted to energy and stored in a battery. The advantage to the micro wind turbine is that energy in the battery can be stored for days when there is no wind, ensuring the home always benefits from renewable energy throughout the year.

Another advantage to the micro wind turbine is how easy it is to install. Solar panels can take a day or more to install properly. The panels need to be mounted on the roof where they can gain maximum sun exposure, where a simple wind test in your area can determine the best positioning for a micro wind turbine and it can be installed within a number of hours.

It is advisable to have your area tested regarding wind speeds before choosing your micro wind turbine. You want to gain the best possible results from your turbine, so positioning is as important as the turbine you choose to power your home.

Once the micro wind turbine has been installed, the home can benefit from renewable energy that can power the home throughout the year, reducing your carbon footprint, reducing energy costs and enabling you to make money back from the grid.

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