Wind Turbine Information – How Wind Energy Can Be Used to Power Your Home

Commercial wind turbines have become a popular source of energy to produce power, and up until fairly recently, most of the wind turbine information that you found would be a about commercial ones versus residential ones. Today, we have seen the onset and increase in the growth of the residential wind turbine market. Typically manufactured on a much smaller scale, wind turbines for home use are manufactured in a variety of sizes ranging from roughly 7 feet to 25 feet in diameter.

Based on wind speed tests in the field, most residential wind turbine information states that you can generate anywhere from 900 to over 1,000 watts of power. Additionally, since they are much lighter weight in construction, they tend to be much more sensitive to wind speed changes and oftentimes react immediately to gusts of wind quicker than the commercial ones do. Due to the harsh reality of rising energy costs and the fact that fossil fuel supplies are rapidly diminishing, the cost of grid-provided energy is never going to stop escalating.

Herein lays the purpose of employing alternative energy. Decreasing a person’s dependence on their utility company, as well as the US no longer having to rely on foreign fuel sources makes wind turbine information and their use seem a lot more practical. Employing renewable and sustainable energy sources also helps the environment by decreasing global warming and not polluting the atmosphere.  Using alternative energy is also witnessing a decrease in “greenhouse gas” emissions.

Wind Turbine Efficiency Factors

Residential wind turbine technology that is being employed today for creating power for a home is not designed to provide large amounts of energy as solar energy does. Most wind turbine information should divulge this. It should be viewed as an additionally viable power source to be used in conjunction with either solar or water power (or both) in order to provide home with sufficient amounts of electricity.

In any case, this will still witness a significant reduction in your dependence upon that utility company as well as helping the country save on fossil fuel prices and reducing the dependency on international sources of these fuels. Rather than being viewed as a disadvantage when employing wind power for alternative energy purposes, remember that with rare exception, the wind is present in most global locations. However, any wind turbine information you read should also make you aware of two things, specifically that the wind is intermittent and very unpredictable.

Some Facts Regarding Wind Turbines

Some of the facts that are currently available regarding wind turbine information include the following important points:

A wind turbine collects kinetic energy (energy from motion) created by the wind. It then converts it into usable electrical power compatible with your grid provided electrical system.

The use of wind turbines for an additional household power source can reduce your monthly electricity bill up to 50%.

Employing wind turbines provides a benefit to the environment because no pollutants are produced and emitted into the atmosphere.

Prices on wind turbines range from $7,000 to $25,000 (installation included).

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