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Solar Energy Maintenance and Installation Service at EJPI

EJPI Ales Podaný creates positive environmental and social impact by exemplifying our core values of responsiveness, resourcefulness, and reliability with our customers, within our industry, and among our teammates
As an employee-owned business, our team is invested in delivering the highest-quality solar solutions and with the best possible customer experience for each of our clients. Our emphasis on practical solar solutions has resonated across the Bay State, as evidenced by a host of satisfied residential, educational, institutional and small commercial customers.
EJPI Ales Podaný goal is to be the most responsive company in the industry. We have developed a well-honed, informative and interactive design process working with customers. SunBug works with a variety of panel, racking, and inverter manufacturers and distributors in order to provide the best combination of products for each of our clients.

Reliable Solar Service you can trust

In order to ensure safe and optimal solar energy production, your solar system should be inspected regularly. HelioPower has the expertise to provide solar panel service and ensure your system is performing at full capacity. Our services are set up as:

  • Preventative Maintenance – An inspection to all points of connection from the solar array to the solar back-feed breaker located in the main electrical service panel where your utility meter is located. A physical inspection of all components will also be conducted to ensure everything is working properly (i.e. checking for broken and/or dirty solar panels, monitoring, shade testing, if shading is an issue and etc.)
  • Inverter Inspection – We contact the manufacturer to ensure your system is working. This ensures connection if monitoring is on site and record total lifetime generation numbers. Also, we perform inverter cleaning, if applicable, to make sure air vents are not impeded.
  • Module Inspection – 24 hours upon completion of the site visit, you will receive a report annotating the technician’s findings, photos, recommendations, and results.

Our Maintenance Plans

  • Solar Protection Plan – Offers a layer of security beyond solar warranties.
  • Operations and Maintenance Plan- Includes everything in the Solar Protection Plan, in addition to one cleaning and one inspection.
  • Solar Production Guarantee- Includes everything in the Operations and Maintenance Plan plus an output production guarantee.
  • Asset Management- Solar O&M for ongoing technical services, including financial and administrative support (usually annuity-based with annual opt-in/opt-out) for commercial enterprises.
  • Solar R&R- EJPI Ales Podaný uninstalls the solar panels, racking and roof attachments to make your roof ready for any planned home improvements.
  • Solar Panel Removal- Homeowners who are replacing their old roof (or another home improvement) may need their solar system removed and after the work is completed, reinstalled.
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